7 Ways to Have Genius Presentation

1. Post-it note your idea

Try to remember on how you prepared your presentation last time. People usually open their laptop and click right away the last PowerPoint presentation. Then they rearrange the point with new materials, alter the background and add new pictures. Did you do that? If you did then it means you block your creativity. Get the post-it note and write your idea there.

2. Just like billboards

Imagine your presentation is like the billboard. The billboard you saw in the street is always attractive. Each of them shows the colorful and amazing image with only short words. However, the story on the billboard is always interesting. Think about the billboards when you are making the slides. From your post-it note, turn it into great slides.

3. Contrast is great

Once your billboards ready, begin to take the shape. Think about building the contrast in your presentation. Create the image or headline from your post-it note. You can add the story, prop, short video or sounds, question, or exercise which is involved by audience. Moreover, you can find how to build the contrast by yourself or if you are not confident enough you can join the presentation training.

4. Do 7 steps

First, you have to set the scene on the importance of sending the email. Second, begin the journey in which you can focus on the message and the place. Third, you can encounter the obstacle in the reason why you need to go. Fourth, overcome the obstacle. Fifth, resolve the problem. Sixth, make the point which the reason of the importance. The last is to call an action.

5. Present the 3 F’s

The audiences are waiting for 3 things from your presentation. That’s why you have to put those 3 things on your billboards. They are facts, feeling and future. The facts consist of benefits data, features, examples, logical argument and case studies. The feeling is about the humor, stories, anecdotes and surprise. The future is about the belief you give to audiences. That can be learnt by yourself as well.

6. Shout out your voice

As the presenter, your voice is the important aspect. Do exercise to make your voice louder and clear. You can practice by yourself or having training about presentation.

7. Pay attention on their SHIFT

Focus on the SHIFT for your audience. SHIFT stands for success, happiness, insight, freedom and time. Many things can be learnt by you.


Got a Great Business Idea? You Need a Small Business Development Plan

You need a sound business development plan in order to bring your great ideas into fruition. A solid product or concept alone is not enough to build a small business. You need a sound plan, preparing for every contingency possible in order to develop your concept or product. Do you know what it all entails?

Defining Business Development

If your strong suit is marketing or product creation, to consider hiring a consultant for your business development needs. A business developer is quite similar to a salesperson except for the fact that a developer’s goal is more long range; while in sales, the focus is on the here and now. In other words, a developer takes your potential and shapes it into a workable model that, with some actionable steps, will eventually forge new business relationships and a new marketable product or service. A salesperson sells that product or service.

What This Type of Development Entails

A business developer starts by evaluating your current ties with existing clients seeking ways to improve the relationship. Next, the developer identifies potential new markets for your business that you may not have tapped. In order to accomplish this task, all areas of your business are likely to be evaluated from sales and marketing to management, logistics and even customer service.

Competency in a variety of areas is important for consulting work as a business developer. The ability to identify and capitalise on potential growth is important. Because you are too close to the situation, you may not be the best candidate to draft a development plan. For instance, one of the areas that must be scrutinised closely is your current assets and how they can be used in the maintenance as well as expansion of your small business. A business developer is going to have years of previous experience to guide them.


Business developers will thoroughly asses your current business plan to determine whether it is even feasible to carry out your idea with the current set-up and resources you have. Sometimes, they will determine that you may require outside investors to bring your new idea or product to fruition. Or, they will create a plan for restructuring your company to accomplish your goals.

The role of a business developer can be a broad one. It may encompass all facets of the business or it may concentrate on one particular area. The fact of the matter is that you cannot bring a new product, service or idea to fruition without a solid business development plan. Hiring an outside consultant for this job can be a smart move for you as they are not invested in it and can provide an objective view.

Looking for Singapore Incorporation Services for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

If you are looking for Singapore incorporation services for sme (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) registration, Koh Management should made it into your top list. If it can be summarized, then Koh Management is the most understanding and professional to handle the registration process for new business companies in Singapore. Therefore, you can get some relax as you don’t need to handle the fuss of the complicated registration process for your company.

Why choosing Koh Management Company to help the registration process?

There are some palpable reasons why choosing Koh Management Singapore incorporation services for sme will bring great advantages for your company’s start:

  1. It ensures Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&AA) as well as all the compliance requirements and any relevant documents are all handled and processed in a proper manner
  2. It engages with any kind of business, including the small and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore
  3. It is keen to discuss the company registration services packages which will cover your needs and also suit the company’s budget and time frame

What information required by Koh Management

Considering the benefits Koh Management Singapore incorporation services for sme offers to its customer, you may consider to ask for some help to get your new company registration process done. By then, you must include some information to ask for Koh Management’s assistance, which include:

–       The detail of resident director (min. 1)

–       The detail of the shareholders (min. 1, max. 50)

–       The detail of company secretary (min. 1)

–       Paid up capital min. $1

–       The registered office address in Singapore

–       Desirable name for the company (Koh Management will help finding the available name which can be used without infringing government provisions)

Post-Registration Services

When the registration process for your company has been completed, it will be issued with several stuffs such as:

–       Company Business Profile. The document which includes, the Unique Entity Number (UEN), company name, its registration date, its registered address, the paid up capital, and the details of directors and shareholders.

–       First Board Resolution. The resolution which appoints the directors and shareholders.

–       Bank Account Opening Resolution. Used for account opening needs.

We can say that Koh Management Singapore incorporation services for sme are comprehensive as it can assist the company to get through the post-registration procedures, and even the management journey. So, no need to hesitate as you can simply contact its customer service reps in +65 62569663.